Private Lessons

This program is for people who want personal instruction with a trainer and either desire to train and practice with their dog on their own or need the assistance of a trainer to solve specific problems.

Private lessons are taught at your home or an alternate location and are available for dogs 7 weeks and older.

The cost of a 1-hour private lesson is $85. Longer duration lessons are available.

On-leash Obedience:
In the on-leash obedience program your dog will learn attention, to walk on-leash without pulling, sit, down, sit-stay and, down-stay in the presence of "real life" distractions. On-leash obedience can typically be attained by your dog within four one-hour private lessons depending on the dog's and owner's aptitude to learn and the owner's consistency at enforcing the newly learned behaviors.

Off-leash Obedience:
The off-leash obedience program consists of teaching your dog to come when called off-leash while in the presence of "real life" distractions. Off-leash obedience can be typically be attained in two one-hour private lessons. Prior to participating in the off-leash obedience program, the dog must be able to demonstrate on-leash obedience.
Special training equipment may be required.

Behavior Modification:
This program is for owners who are having a specific problem with their dog, such as aggression towards humans or other animals, inappropriate use of the mouth, nipping, jumping up, digging, barking, chewing, pawing, submissive or excitable urination, etc.

Potty Training:
This service is for owners who are having problems housebreaking their puppy or dog. A trainer will evaluate you and your dog's habits and determine what actions are necessary to get success, whether your dog has a behavior problem or simply needs to learn to eliminate outside the house.

Contact the Canine Relations office to schedule your Private Lesson(s).

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